How To Bridge The Physical And Digital Worlds

By Jennifer Adams

Take efficiency to the next level in your office with a new Digital Workplace Assistant! Delivering a hassle-free, simple user experience, mobile and cloud connectivity with comprehensive security; you’ll do more than print, scan, or copy. You will improve your workflow to save time and money. You'll connect physical and digital worlds like never before.

Access Information Securely and collaborate

How Technology Plays an Essential Role in the Success of Small Business

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By Jennifer Adams

Here are a few reasons why technology needs to stay current:

Why You Need A Managed IT Provider; How Cyber Attacks Happen

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By Jennifer Adams

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Call, Connect, Fixed! Remote Support Options for Xerox Customers

Wouldn’t it be nice if your printer problems could be solved within a matter of minutes? Who wouldn’t want support that is not delayed due to the pandemic? Xerox offers several solutions to remotely assist their customers with a variety of issues, without having to dispatch a technician. 

New Xerox Instant Print Kiosk

Announcing the Xerox® Instant Print Kiosk: Unlike traditional coin-op printing and copying solutions, the Xerox® Instant Print Kiosk delivers high-speed, self-serve document processing capabilities today’s fast-paced users demand: unparalleled ease-of-use, complete compatibility with common mobile printing applications, on-demand access to DropBox™, Google Drive™, SharePoint™, OneDrive™ and EFI™ PrintMe® cloud l

Workflow Automation

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Job Management

Automating processes across your entire fleet to get jobs in and out of your shop

is essential to productivity — it can improve the quality of your output as well.

With faster turnaround times and less room for error, you'll be able to bring in more work and grow your business.

Web to Print

Make your services more accessible and expand your reach by putting your business on the web and allowing customers to

Xerox VersaLink Product Line

Xerox® VersaLink® Family of Business Printers

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-powered VersaLink letter and tabloid business printers and MFPs represent a quantum leap forward in workplace productivity. They are designed to transform the way we work today, safely and securely.

Xerox AltaLink Product Line

Xerox AltaLink Devices Achieve Common Criteria Certification for Security

Achieving Common Criteria Certification is not so common. That’s why we’re especially proud to receive the industry’s most stringent information security standard certification from National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

Customer Questions

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A Four-Pack

1). How do I help to prevent jamming?

2). When do I need to order supplies or does Xerox automatically send them?

3). How do I change the printer preferences?

4). How do I add an app and change default settings to the copier?

These are all great questions that we have been asked by our customers. So, we decided to sit down and answer them.

How to help prevent jamming.

There are several ways to aid in this.

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