Call, Connect, Fixed! Remote Support Options for Xerox Customers

Wouldn’t it be nice if your printer problems could be solved within a matter of minutes? Who wouldn’t want support that is not delayed due to the pandemic? Xerox offers several solutions to remotely assist their customers with a variety of issues, without having to dispatch a technician. 

Click-to-Chat is one way that Xerox can assist you remotely without dispatching a technician. It is similar to texting with a technician or emailing. Other helpful troubleshooting options can be found beside the "Chat With Support" link such as the Support Forum and YouTube Support. The Xerox Support YouTube Channel is another great option providing a wealth of videos to show the user how to fix problems, perform routine maintenance, and operate the machine. A playlist is avaliable for each of our models and demonstrates how to do everything from loading paper to using one of our many apps. Xerox also offers the Xerox Support Engage app for free to clients so they can chat or facetime with a representative when assistance is needed. 

To access these helpful resources, log on to and select Xerox Support on the red bar at the top. Then scroll down slightly until you reach Quick Links on the following page. Chat With Support, YouTube Support and other helpful options are to be found there. 

Business Owners need to focus on what they do best, without being slowed down by technical glitches. Give Xetx Business Solutions a call today to learn more about the advantages of partnering with Xerox! 

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