Server Management

What is a server management?

Server Manager is a new feature that is included in Windows Server 2008, which is designed to guide information technology (IT) administrators through the process of installing, configuring, and managing server roles and features that are part of the Windows Server 2008 release.

What is server management services?

Offload Server Management Support. Enhance IT Infrastructure Performance. IT Infrastructure availability and performance is critical to business productivity and customer satisfaction. ... Effective infrastructure management requires focused effort and expertise for guaranteed governance and service management.

How do you manage a server?

  • To manage a server remotely.
  • To configure Windows Deployment Services.
  • To start or stop the server.
  • To enable the server.
  • To enable logging for the Windows Deployment Services client.
  • To choose the port number for RPC.
  • To specify the network interfaces for Windows Deployment Services to listen on