VoIP Phone Systems

What is a VoIP phone system?

A VoIP phone is a telephone set designed specifically for use in a voice over IP ( VoIP ) system by converting standard telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted over the Internet, and by converting incoming digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio.

How does a VOIP phone system work?

With VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into packets of data. The packets travel like any other type of data, such ...as e-mail, over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network. Using a VoIP service, you can call landline or cell phones.
What are the benefits of a VOIP phone?

VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband. So if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you are basically using the Internet to make phone calls. Using a VoIP system has several benefits for many businesses.

Using a VoIP system has several benefits for many businesses.

  • Saving Money. The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone
  • Portability. The convenience and comfort provided by a VoIP telephone system is available all over the world
  • Flexibility
  • Multi-Functional

Why VOIP is used?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony and Internet Calling. It is an alternative way of making phone calls that can be very cheap or completely free.  One of the pioneering services that made VoIP so popular is Skype.

Is a VOIP number a cell phone?

Mobile VoIP works with a cell phone's 3G, 4G, GSM, or other Internet service to send voice calls as digital signals over the Internet using voice over IP technology. Mobile VoIP phones can also take advantage of WiFi hotspots to eliminate the calling costs of a cellular voice or data plan.