Share to Cloud

Leverage the technolgies of today with Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud! 

Are you ready to leverage technology in your favor? Using Xerox ConnectKey MFPs and Share to Cloud services provides your business with powerful document scanning capabilities. Couple this with all the benefits of the cloud and you're now making technology work for you!

Bring simple, secure, and anytime access to popular cloud services and email. ConnectKey Share to Cloud delivers all of the benefits of cloud computing to Xerox ConnectKey MFPs in the same way that apps leverage the cloud on mobile devices. Employees can use the intuitive touchscreen on every ConnectKey MFP to scan their documents, and the Share to Cloud solution converts the files and distributes them to the selected cloud service such as Dropbox, SharePoint or Google Docs.

This not only enables knowledge workers to transfer information once trapped in paper to editable digital content, but it also provides on-the-go access to employees' most important files and documents anytime and anywhere. This includes mobile devices!

ConnectKey Share to Cloud is a solution your administrators or IT department will appreciate. Share to Cloud is a serverless MFP application with no on-premise software or hardware required. So, busy employees and administrators can work on more important tasks. Share to Cloud reduces their burden by eliminating the need for implementation, maintenance, and support.

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