Translation Services

The Xerox Easy Translator Service won an “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation” award from the analysts at BLI thanks to the following strengths:

  • Cloud-based service lets users scan a document at the MFP and receive a printout of the translation within just a few minutes
  • Wide3 range of supported languages, making a truly global solution
  • Easy-to-use solution offers both “draft-quality” machine translation and access to professional translation services.
  • Flexible pricing structure to meet the budgets of all users

Quick and Accurate Translations in Most Languages

  • Easily translate and localize documents in over 20 formats and in over 44 languages. Simply connect to Xerox Easy Translator Service to enjoy benefits that include.
  • Easy-to-use– Work productively from day one Xerox Easy Translator’s Intuitive user interface that insures easy adoption whether from a Xerox MFP, from your smartphone, or via our web portal.
  • Accurate and Fast Translations– Instantly translate important documents in foreign languages while retaining the format of the hardcopy originals.
  • Increase your Competitive Edge– Attract new business by quickly localizing and sharing documents.
  • Add Value– Communicate with customers better, faster and in their own language.
  • World-Class OCR– Powerful OCR capabilities automatically convert non-editable documents into editable format for additional translation edits if needed.

Simple for Users

Web Portal

Point– and-click easy, drag-and-drop simple. To translate, users simply upload files to the Portal, select the source and target languages, and specify the level of service.

ConnectKey Enabled MFP

Users simply log in via their MFP, select the source and target languages, scan their document, and receive their translation draft as either a printout and/or via email.

Mobile Device

Users simply take a photo of a document, select the source and target languages, submit the photo, and receive the email link to their translation results.

  • Scan
  • Take a Photo
  • Get Translation