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By Jennifer Adams

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With the reopening of schools, colleges, and universities quickly approaching, educational facilities are preparing to open their doors to a new normal. Precautions taken to keep students, teachers, and faculty safe, such as restrictions on building capacity, present their own set of challenges for students who rely on the conveniences of being on campus. Xerox® App Gallery offers a variety of great solutions for students and teachers as they go back to school.


 The app provides scanning functionalities in public places such as libraries, schools, and universities, without requiring that all devices be part of the local network. After scanning, the app displays a QR code on the screen of the Xerox® machine. Once the user scans the QR code with their mobile device, the user can download the book. This makes it possible for multiple students to have access to a single book at the same time without the hassle of waiting or having to check out the book.


Connect for Blackboard

  Connect for Blackboard is the Xerox connector app for Blackboard Learn™, the learning management system for higher education Teachers and students can accelerate collaboration and simplify the process for uploading and storing documents into Blackboard for their classes. This system is relied upon heavily for online classes and some face-to-face college & university classes. Using this app, you can scan hardcopy course materials and folders right at the MFP and upload to the website. 


Xerox® Proofreader

  Xerox® Proofreader Service gives the user instant access to a powerful tool that checks for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism right from the MFP. Simply scan or enter the text of the document you want to proofread, then the MFP will print and/or email a report with suggested corrections to you. This app is ideal for teachers, students or anyone who writes.


Remark Test Grading

  This app automates the grading workflow with one scan. Connect for Remark Test Grading is a Xerox® connector app to Gravic's powerful cloud-based test grading service. With Remark Test Grading, educators can print bubble tests for their class, scan in the completed answer sheets, and generate results instantly. Once completed work is scanned and graded, you have instant access to print or email students their grade and print multiple reports to summarize class performance.


XETX Business Solutions is here to help you transition into your new normal at school, safely. Each of these apps comes with a free trial period to see if it fits your workflow. Visit our app gallery to learn more or contact a solutions consultant at XETX Business Solutions.   

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