How Technology Plays an Essential Role in the Success of Small Business

Small business concept. Diagram hand drawing on tablet, coffee cup, and graph on table.

By Jennifer Adams

Here are a few reasons why technology needs to stay current:

1. Increased Productivity: Investing in the right technology saves the owner time, which allows them to focus more on their business! For example, VoIP phone systems allow calls to be immediately transferred from an office phone to a mobile phone without any delay! This way, someone who is not physically present in the office can still take a call when it comes in, instead of the receptionist taking a message and having the call returned later.

2. Better Network Security: If your network were to be hacked or attacked by malware, how would this impact your business? Would you loose data that is essential to operate your business? Would you lose the trust of your customers if their bank and credit card information were leaked? A Managed IT professional can be hired to monitor your network and watch out for and protect against these threats.  

3. Convenience: Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to print from your phone straight to the printer in your office?  Or to know that confidential paperwork sent to main printer in your office would not be seen by any other eyes than the person who printed the job? Or, even, to schedule a job to print later? Would you invest in a machine that could do all of this and more?



Technologies for small businesses to consider:

1. Xerox® Multifunction Copiers: With superb print quality, a simple, user friendly interface that resembles your smartphone, a variety of applications that can do everything from emailing, faxing, or to translating a document into one of any 44 languages, Xerox is a leader in the print industry providing reliable, and cutting-edge technology to businesses of all sizes.

2. VOIP phone systems: Through VOIP, calls are placed over the internet rather than a landline. This way, multiple people can make phone calls at the same time without installing multiple phone lines; the business saves money and calls can be immediately forwarded to a mobile phone without any delay. Is someone working from home? Their calls can be transferred to their mobile phone without any interruption!

3. Managed IT Services: The internet is full of malware, worms, trojans, and hackers constantly looking for their next victim. A great way to make sure it isn0’t you is by hiring a qualified Managed IT professional to maintain your network.

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