How We Help The Healthcare Industry Better Serve Patients

The healthcare industry is a balance of caring for patients and tending to the requirements of administrative tasks. The additional pressure placed on healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic greatly increases the need for all healthcare providers to have smooth, quick, secure, and efficient workflow processes to meet the increasing demand for care. As a longtime business partner to local healthcare facilities, XETX is here to help.

Faster Patient Admission & Testing Paperwork

Poor and unsecure record keeping can hinder even the most advanced medical facility from delivering the best possible care. Xerox Multifunction copiers allows the user to transform all paper to a digital format and move to an electronic medical records (EMR) system. Then, the documents can be accessed from across a hospital or an entire healthcare system.

Better Outbound Patient Communications

The cloud-based, HIPAA compliant technology optimizes document exchange for everyone in healthcare. After the documents are scanned, they are stored in a cloud-based repository, where they can be easily and immediately accessed, and updated with new information as needed. Would it not be easier to send a document directly from the cloud-based repository to the destination? Xerox offers a wide variety of apps that make it possible to simplify sending and storing documents, so it reduces the amount of time spent looking for a file, or the possibility of loosing something important.

Xerox Clean Hands Reminder App

During a time where cleanliness is especially important, Xerox has created the Clean Hands reminder app for VersaLink®, AltaLink®, and PrimeLink® printers. This silent, simple reminder works as a screensaver that displays when the machine is inactive. When a user touches the screen or a button, the app exits to the home screen. It serves as a reminder to busy workers to remember to take precautions to protect their health, as well as that of others.