Why You Should Consider a Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery System

“Not all disasters come in the form of major storms with names and categories,” says Bob Davis, CMO, Atlantis Computing. Understanding the essentials of backup and disaster recovery is crucial to minimizing the impact of unplanned downtime on your business. Imagine if a hurricane, fire, or a flood destroyed your business and the years’ worth of files you have stored there. What if your computer hardware failed and you lost all your data? How would this impact your business operations?


New Support Options for Xerox Customers

We realize that during this time you very likely want to keep the number of people entering your office to a minimum. We value the safety and health of our customers and employees. Xerox has a variety of new support options available to help keep our customers safe while maintaining your equipment.

Xerox Support Engage App for 24/7 Technical Support


How We Help The Healthcare Industry Better Serve Patients

The healthcare industry is a balance of caring for patients and tending to the requirements of administrative tasks. The additional pressure placed on healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic greatly increases the need for all healthcare providers to have smooth, quick, secure, and efficient workflow processes to meet the increasing demand for care. As a longtime business partner to local healthcare facilities, XETX is here to help.

Faster Patient Admission & Testing Paperwork


Attention All Educators

By Jennifer Adams

Photo courtesy of Matt Ragland at Unsplash


How To Bridge The Physical And Digital Worlds

Take efficiency to the next level in your office with a new Digital Workplace Assistant! Delivering a hassle-free, simple user experience, mobile and cloud connectivity with comprehensive security; you’ll do more than print, scan, or copy. You will improve your workflow to save time and money. You'll connect physical and digital worlds like never before.

Access Information Securely and collaborate


How Technology Plays an Essential Role in the Success of Small Business

Here are a few reasons why technology needs to stay current:

1. Increased Productivity: Investing in the right technology saves the owner time, which allows them to focus more on their business! For example, VOIP phone systems allow calls to be immediately transferred from an office phone to a mobile phone without any delay! This way, someone who is not physically present in the office can still take a call when it comes in, instead of the receptionist taking a message and having the call returned later.

Why You Need A Managed IT Provider; How Cyber Attacks Happen

What would happen if you were to click on a link that locked up all of the computers on your network and you were suddenly unable to access any of the records you depend on daily to operate your business? What if you were then told that your data had been encrypted until you paid these cyber criminals a hefty ransom? Oh, and what if, even if you pay their ransom, you might not get your data back?  How would it impact your business if you could not access your data for days or even weeks, or perhaps ever?  How much would a disaster like this cost your business?

Call, Connect, Fixed! Remote Support Options for Xerox Customers

Wouldn’t it be nice if your printer problems could be solved within a matter of minutes? Who wouldn’t want support that is not delayed due to the pandemic? Xerox offers several solutions to remotely assist their customers with a variety of issues, without having to dispatch a technician. 


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