Copier Myths Explained and Disproved

Altalink multifunction machine

By Jennifer Adams

There are myths that hold businesses back from upgrading their equipment, from believing “printers only copy and print” to “I cannot afford a larger printer for my office.” You might be surprised how affordable and technologically advanced printers have become and how much value a multifunction copier can bring to your office.

We’ve Covered Phishing…. but what is Vishing?

Hand holding smart phone with vishing calling with a blue background behind phone and hand

By Jennifer Adams

According to the Norton Security website, 75% of fraud complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission involve scammers contacting their victims by telephone to steal financial, Medicare or tax information. This can happen to individuals and businesses. Once this information is stolen, the hacker can easily impersonate you. This is what you need to know about vishing so you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

What is Vishing?

What You’ve Been Wanting to Know About the Dark Web

the words dark web in red on a green background of code

By Jennifer Adams

Have you ever thought about how the internet works? There are multiple layers, the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web, each serving a different purpose. Understanding the different layers of the internet and how it works can help keep you safe while surfing.  

The Most Overlooked Security Threat

Cloud technology icon with a lock icon in the middle of the cloud

By Jennifer Adams

When thinking of ways hackers can infiltrate your system, what first comes to mind? Phishing emails and suspicious looking pop-ups are commonly known ways to infect your devices with malware. A frequently overlooked cybersecurity vulnerability is your removeable media. CD’s, DVD’s, flash drives… Just think, how important is the information stored there? These are the risks associated with removeable media and how to manage them.

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