You Need these 5 Apps to Simplify Your Workday

Best Business Apps

By Jennifer Adams

If you could lighten your workload, why wouldn’t you? Xerox offers a wide variety of apps in our App Store, for every industry, to help our customers cut down on time spend doing paperwork.  Here are just a few that we believe will help simplify your workday.

1. Xerox® Note Converter®

The Xerox® Note Converter App® channels the latest Google Al technology to make converting handwritten notes into text quicker and easier than ever!  The Note Converter app even makes it possible to edit the document, and email to others

2. Xerox® ID Checker®

          Check for fraud in one easy step with the Xerox® ID Checker® App. Scan typical ID documents such as drivers’ licenses, passports, country ID’s, receive instant feedback, and email or print the Certificate of Authenticity within minutes.  

3. Connect for QuickBooks Online

          Simplify expense reporting, recording transactions and saving copies of receipts to one easy step. With Connect for QuickBooks online, you can even scan, preview, and edit multiple receipts all at once!  

4. Xerox® Translate and Print®

          Break down the barriers of over 44 different languages with the touch of a button. Scan your document in one language, and in moments, the document is printed or emailed to you in another language of your choosing.  Enjoy 30 days and 30 pages on us!

5. Xerox® Clean Hands®

          Want to remind everyone, including maybe yourself, to wash their hands?  Get the Xerox “Clean Hands Reminder” app. The app displays a screensaver on your Xerox device to remind users of the importance of cleanliness at work.




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