Frequently Asked Questions: What We Do and How We Can Help You


By Jennifer Adams

XETX Business Solutions has continued to innovate to accommodate our customers’ ever-evolving needs since opening in 1984. When you choose us, you aren’t just choosing a large corporation for your business technology needs, you are choosing XETX Business Solutions, a locally owned, SFASU Alumni operated, small business committed to providing the highest quality of service to each of our valued clients.

What areas do you serve?

We provide Xerox® equipment to Nacogdoches County, Angelina County, Rusk County, Panola County, Shelby County, Cherokee County, San Augustine County, and Sabine County. Our IT & VoIP services are not limited to this area.

What services do you provide?

Xerox Multifunction Copiers/Printers have remained a leader in print technology since the creation of the very first copy machine in 1959. Since then, the company has continued its tradition of innovating to meet its customers continuously evolving needs.  

    Managed IT Support for companies that do not have the resources to employ a full IT department. Our IT services include remote support, patching, endpoint management, managing updates, network monitoring, expertise and advice on the best technologies for your company, installing antivirus software, bandwidth management, and MORE!

     VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) is a system that allows the user to make telephone calls as they normally would but over the internet rather than a regular landline. VoIP offers many benefits and provides the user with more flexibility with a richer feature set than a regular phone system, at a much lower cost.  

Cloud-Backup is a service that backs up files and applications on a company’s server to an internet repository so that if a natural disaster (fire, floor, tornado) or ransomware attack happens, you can retrieve the information and software you need to continue working. Without this, a business risks serious downtime and having to pay a hefty ransom to get their data back, with no guarantees the hacker will do what they say and give it back.

          Managed Meraki Firewall features next-generation technology integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine that guards your network against advanced threats such as malware, with 7 layers of security. Once installed, the firewall adopts traffic-shaping rules and bandwidth limits, so the right policies are enforced for each user. It allows you to manage campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments, identify the applications being used and prioritize the critical ones while limiting access to recreational ones, making it a great tool for IT leaders to manage their networks.

Why should my company partner with a Managed IT Provider?

          Technology is continuously changing which means the IT requirements to keep your data safe are also constantly evolving. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your company’s operation. Just think, how significantly would it impact your business if the network went down, and it was impossible to access any information stored on your computer? A disaster like this would shut most companies down. This is where a managed IT provider comes in. A Managed IT Provider specializes in monitoring networks and managing potential threats so the network runs smoothly, giving the client peace-of-mind so they can focus on what they do best --running their company!




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