Why Your Data Is Less Secure on Paper Than in the Cloud

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By Jennifer Adams

According to the Two Sides website, 78% of people keep paper copies of important documents on file because they believe this is more secure than storing information digitally; and 76% are increasingly concerned that information stored electronically is vulnerable to being compromised. Are printed documents more secure than digital?  Security concerns arise at the thought of online bill pay, yet many people never think twice about leaving mail containing personal information in the mailbox for several days. While it can be useful to have a hard copy on hand, there are vulnerabilities associated with having sensitive information on paper, when not stored properly. Here are three reasons why storing your documents digitally is a good idea.

1. Paper files are easier for the wrong person to access than files uploaded to the cloud.

          How easy is it to access the files in your office? How many people have access to them? How many people really need access to them? This is especially important in the legal and financial industries, where it is crucial to keep details confidential. The information stored in banker boxes cluttering your office, can be transferred to the cloud, both freeing up space and securing the information from the wrong set of eyes.  Information stored to the cloud is heavily encrypted and can be password protected.

II. The cloud makes it possible to keep track of your documents.

          While it might seem counterintuitive, paper does not always leave a paper trail. For example, if your files are destroyed in a fire, flood, or perhaps one is stolen, how will you replace it or track down who took it? If a file were stolen, how would you know it had been taken? How much of a disadvantage would this put you in? When your data is stored to the cloud, the information is stored in a location separate from your hard drive so even in the event of a natural disaster, your files are unaffected. Only those authorized can access the information stored in the cloud.  

III. Digital documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

          Still working from home? Or perhaps traveling for work? Storing a copy of your documents to the cloud provides you with the flexibility to access documents faster, and from any location. Even if you are working from the office, searching for a digital file is faster than paper because you can locate them by searching their name, rather than rummaging through the file cabinet.

The cloud is your own personal piece of the internet, heavily encrypted enough so that your documents are safer than your credit card is when a server walks away with it at a restaurant. Still have questions about making the transition? Need any help getting your files uploaded to the cloud? Consult with a managed IT professional from XETX Business Solutions about your options! Give us a call at 936-569-1992.  








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