What is Secure Print and How Do I Use It?

By Jennifer Adams

Looking for a more secure way to print private documents to the main copier in your office without having to worry about it being seen by the wrong set of eyes? Xerox® Secure Print is available on all Xerox® equipment, and provides an easy way for managers to securely print sensitive documents.

What makes the job secure is that the user creates a unique passcode in print properties when preparing to print their document, but the job will not print until the user enters in the code at the copy machine for that specific job. For added security, all jobs are deleted nightly. You can also delay printing by setting a specific time for a job to print. This is a great feature that gives you time to get to the copy machine, or wait till you are the only one in the office to print and keep the eyes of nosy coworkers off of private documents. It helps to keep confidential information, confidential.   

How to Use Secure Print: 


Step 1: When your document is finished, select print, and then printer properties.

Step 2:  Click the drop-down arrow under job type and select secure print.

Step 3: Type in the four-digit code you wish to use for your document.

Step Four: Go to the printer when you are ready to retrieve your document. Select the jobs app, then the secure jobs box at the top right, select your job, enter in your custom four-digit code, and your job will print.


We realize a top concern for many managers and business owners is security, which is why Xerox takes steps to create unique, easy-to-use features for our equipment to help our customers keep their information confidential.


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