What is a Saved Job and How Can it Help Me Be More Efficient?

By Jennifer Adams

Saved jobs are prints that are saved to the copy machine for easier, quicker access in the future. This feature is helpful for those who have a document they print frequently because it bypasses the step of logging onto the computer and configuring print settings to print the document. This feature can even work for managers printing sensitive documents on a public device because the user saving the job to the machine has the option to set the job as private so it can only be printed by entering a passcode at the machine chosen by the user saving the job. 


How to Save A Job To Your Xerox®:

1. Go to File, then select print.

2. Select Printer Properties if you are using a Windows device.

For Mac, click Preview in the print window and then select Xerox Features.

3. Select Saved Job in the drop down menu under Job Type. 

4. Name your job, choose whether you want the job to be public or private. If you wish for the job to be private, enter a 4-10 digit passcode. 

5. Check the box beside Print and Save. 

6. Click ok.


How to Print a Saved Job From Your Xerox:

 1. At the user interface, select the Print From app.  


2. Choose Saved Jobs and then choose the name of the folder the saved job is stored in.


3. Select the saved job you wish to print (remember if this is a private saved job, you will need the passcode to print).

4. Set the specifications of the job to your liking (number of copies, paper size, color, type, and finishing options).

5. Touch Print and the job will print.

The folders jobs are stored in have limits, varying by machine and the size of the hard drive, so once a folder is full you will need to create a new folder to store additional files in. Saved jobs remain on the hard drive until a user manually deletes it, the set amount of time for retaining the job expires, an Image Overwrite is done, or a technician re-formats the hard drive.