What to Do When Moving Your Xerox Machine to A New Location

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By Jennifer Adams

Moving offices is an ordeal, especially with delicate, expensive office equipment. Not taking the time to correctly disconnect, move and reconnect your Xerox® machine could leave you liable for damage and network issues. Depending on where you wish to relocate the machine, you may need a professional to move it for you. If you decide to move offices, call us, and let a professional advise you on the best way to move your equipment.

If moving the machine does not involve stairs, steps, or relocating to a different building, then you may move it yourself, just remember to print the configuration page first. This document has the IP address, accessories, and the settings configurations for the device. It will be very helpful when reconfiguring the equipment once it arrives to its new location. After doing this, shut down the machine and wait at least 30 minutes before moving it. While waiting for your machine to cool down, call XETX to inquire about the proper way to disconnect all wires. This will give the fuser time to cool down and avoid spilling toner. Do not attempt to detach finishers on your own.  

After seeing what was left of a customer’s equipment after it fell from the back of a customer’s pickup truck onto the highway when they chose to do the move themselves, we strongly suggest to all of our customers that if you are moving to another floor, or another building, call us or Xerox Corporate and let us assist you in your move. The assistance is not always free of charge so feel free to call us for a quote. We will do our best to work with you to schedule a time that best fits everyone's schedule. If the move conducted by a Xerox-contracted carrier, they are liable for the repair or replacement of the equipment should it be damaged during the move. However, if the customer damages their own equipment, then they are responsible for the necessary repairs or replacement.

If your machine is leased or on a maintenance agreement, remember to make sure the billing and install addresses are updated immediately, or preferably a few days before the move. This is a mandatory requirement for leased equipment or equipment under a maintenance agreement and will avoid issues such as unpaid bills piling up and supplies and service being withheld due to lack of payment.

          We know that moving or rearranging your current office can be stressful. We are happy to assist or advise you!  Give us a call or email customerservice@xetx.com anytime!

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