Support Options for your Xerox Device

Anytime you lease or purchase a copy machine through XETX, a maintenance agreement is included which covers the cost of any consumables or service you will need during the span of the contract. Should you need to request service for your machine, you have several support options.

  1.  Determine if the issue is hardware or software related.

If the issue is caused by a hardware malfunction such as paper continuously jamming, the copier won’t power on, the copier is making a strange noise, printing streaks, blurry images, or machine isn’t recognizing a new consumable, etc., then you will need a technician on site, or remote support.  If a software malfunction is causing the issue, such as your computer won’t connect to the copier, you are experiencing trouble logging into the copier, the copier is printing from the wrong tray, etc., call XETX directly. Our in-house analysts are equipped to resolve software issues.

  1. Contact Xerox Digital Tech Support at 1-800-821-2797 option 1, 855-328-4181 (depending on your agreement), or XETX 936-569-1992.  

Customers with a lease agreement billed directly through Xerox Corporate can call Xerox tech support directly at 1-800-821-2797 option 1. Customers with an XPPS lease agreement or an agreement that is billed directly from XETX may call 855-328-4181.  Be prepared to provide the serial number of the machine, a problem description, as well as any fault codes. Representatives are trained to troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone, which will hopefully resolve the issue and prevent any further downtime. If the issue cannot be resolved, then the representative will place a service call and provide you with a request number. You can track the status of the service call here using your serial number and zip code. If you experience any difficulty placing a service call, reach out to us directly at (936) 569-1992.

  1. Download the Xerox Support Engage App

The Xerox Support Engage app is available for download in the Apple store or through Google Play. The app enables you to facetime with a representative who is trained to walk you through any troubleshooting steps that may resolve minor technical issues. If they are unable to help you resolve the issue, the representative will place a service call for the machine.

  1. Call XETX!

Anytime you experience an issue, and you are unsure of what to do, call us directly at (936) 569-1992 or email

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