Read This Before You Purchase/Lease Your Next Copier

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By: Jennifer Adams

Choosing a copier for your office is no small decision. Not only is it a sizeable investment that will serve your business for years to come, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business. There is a big difference in a desktop unit you can buy off a store shelf and a machine you lease for several years. Print volume, features needed, and cost-effectiveness are just a few of the factors you need to consider. If you are thinking of replacing or adding a machine to your office, keep reading for tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Print Volume   

One of the first things to think about when deciding whether to lease a copy machine or to purchase a desktop unit is how many prints/copies you make. If your print volume is small, as in, you make less than 500 copies/prints per month then a desktop unit may suffice, depending upon other considerations such as paper sizes, paper capacity stapling, hole punching, booklet-making, etc. If your business does more printing than this, leasing is a more prudent way to go because all supplies and maintenance are included with your monthly payment, which costs less than constantly buying toner cartridges for a machine.  It is important to discuss all your printing needs with a professional print solutions consultant or salesperson prior to making a decision to determine the right unit for your needs.

2. Cost Effectiveness  

While desktop printers cost less upfront, the expense of purchasing your own supplies over time can become overwhelming if you do a substantial amount of printing. Cartridges cost anywhere from $20 up to $300 or more each depending on what kind of machine you have so if you do a large amount of printing, the cost adds up quickly.  When you lease your machine, you pay per print rather than for the supplies needed to print, which saves money over time. This also makes planning your budget easier. To estimate your monthly cost with a lease, use the following formula:

Average monthly print volume x cost per print + lease cost = monthly print bill

Determining the print yield from a toner cartridge is difficult.  Many printers don’t have print counters easily visible to users.  You may have to look on a printed information page, such as a configuration page and obtain the meter readings when putting in a new toner cartridge, and again when replacing that cartridge, to determine the actual yield. Published toner cartridge yields are usually based on 4-5% area coverage, which is not very much print on a page.  So, the actual yield may be as much as half the published yield, depending on the actual page coverage.

3. Capability

If you need to staple, make booklets, or print on multiple paper sizes, leasing a larger machine is a better option because desktop units do not offer these features. Xerox offers features such as DocuShare®, scan to email, an address book app, and a large, tablet interface laid out in the same way as your phone for an intuitive feel.

4. Convenience

When you own a machine that is not under any kind of maintenance agreement, you are responsible for repairs of any kind. However, when you lease, all maintenance and parts are included so if the machine breaks, you are not liable for any expenses associated with repairs. All you need to do is place a service call.

To sum it up:

Office technology is no small investment, as it plays a key role in the efficiency and success of your company. XETX Business Solutions strives to offer a personalized solution tailored to every business to best suit your needs. Should you have any questions or wish to further discuss your options feel free to give us call or send us an email. We are here to help!









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