How to Enhance the Quality of Scanned Documents

By Jennifer Adams

Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to adjust the quality of the documents you are scanning? Scanning can add valuable benefits to your business, but a botched scan is time consuming and wastes resources. Here are a few proven ways we have found to improve the quality of your scanning.

 One way is to adjust the resolution. 200 dpi is normally the default on most printers. If you increase the resolution to 300, 400, or even 600 dpi, then you will get greater image clarity. To increase the dpi, select the scanning app on the interface of your Xerox® machine, scroll down to Resolution, and select the resolution that you would like the scan to be. Don’t forget that increasing the resolution also increases the size of the file. If it's not necessary to retain color in the scanned image, try changing the output color to “Black.” This will keep the file size from becoming too large when increasing the resolution. 

          Another way to improve the quality, if there are no photos or graphics in the document, is to change the image quality to “Text.” If the document contains primarily photos or graphics, change the image quality to “Photo.” If there happens to be a mixture of photos and text, then select “Photo and Text.”

           Xerox makes it simple to scan your documents and customize the image or text to your liking. With this simple and time efficient manner, Xerox makes it easy for your business to get the most out of the scanning option. 


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