Get It Right the First Time. Print Using Sample Set!

By Jennifer Adams

Want to make sure your print job is perfect before printing a large number of copies? Xerox® Sample Set lets the user save time and extra steps, by sending the final job to the printer, printing one sample copy, and holding the job until the user approves it. After reviewing the sample, you can choose to finish the job or delete it and make edits.

Here’s How To Do It:

  1. When you are ready to print, on Windows, press CTRL+P, on Mac, press CMD+P.


  1. Choose your printer, then open the print driver (on Windows this is Print Properties, on Mac this is Copies & Pages, then select Xerox Features).


  1. Finish setting the print options to your liking, then, click OK and then print on Windows, or just print on Mac.

To Release a Sample Set at the Copier:

1. At the copier, press the Home button.

2. One copy of the job will print.

3. Touch the jobs app, then the sample set job, which will show as held for future printing and the number of copies remaining.

This is a great feature for organizations that print a large volume of a certain job. For example, teachers printing worksheets for their students, funeral homes printing memorial folders, or organizations that print newsletters, and it comes standard with all Xerox® equipment.

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