Customer Questions

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A Four-Pack

1). How do I help to prevent jamming?

2). When do I need to order supplies or does Xerox automatically send them?

3). How do I change the printer preferences?

4). How do I add an app and change default settings to the copier?

These are all great questions that we have been asked by our customers. So, we decided to sit down and answer them.

How to help prevent jamming.

There are several ways to aid in this.

  1. Regular service of your machine.
  2. Make sure your paper is loading correctly.
  3. Keep the printer away from any water.
  4. Don’t use cheap paper.
  5. Use a minimum of 80GSM paper.

Regular servicing of your printer or photocopier will reduce jams, also as paper dust build-up on rollers and sensors will cause problems. Also, as parts wear out over time, the paper can slip. Regular maintenance will keep your copier running smoothly and more efficiently.

Loading paper in the correct way into your machine will reduce all sorts of problems. Firstly “knock the paper up” (remove from the wrapper and fan/ripple the paper to remove any stuck together pages and reduce friction). When inserting paper into the cassette, widen the guides first then bring the guides back in against the paper once inserted. Having the guides tight against the paper will stop the paper ‘running off’ and help align the paper while it progresses through the machine.

Paper will absorb moisture in the atmosphere, so try and position your printer away from kitchens and sources of water etc.  You may notice that the paper when left open becomes “wavy “this is when it has absorbed moisture. To reduce this happening, if your cassette will only hold part of a ream of paper, make sure to reseal the outer package and place it back into the box, put the lid on the box and store it off the floor, preferably in a wooden cabinet.

Using a cheap paper is a false economy, always try and use a good quality, branded paper who use the same mill to produce the paper for them. Some stationers wrap cheap paper in their own branded packaging, this will be bought from whoever is selling paper the cheapest at that time.

In the clear majority of cases, when a copier/printer jams it is because of the standard of paper being used. Thin and/or cheap paper does not save businesses money in the long term.  It loses time, is a waste of resources and becomes de-motivational in the office.

XETX Business Solutions recommend a paperweight of a minimum of 80 GSM and that it is bought from a reputable retailer who regularly turn over stock as overly dry or moist paper can cause problems too. Hopefully the above tips can help you prevent any more printer problems.

Ordering supplies: When do I need to order supplies?

If, you are getting a “new” copier. You will need to order supplies as soon as it is delivered and setup at your location. You will want to order toner, drum cartridges, waste toner container, fuser, and second bias transfer roll. Just to make sure you have all the necessary supplies for your copier on hand.

If, you have an existing copier. You will need to order supplies as soon as they get to 50%. You can find the supplies percentage 2 ways:

First way-

  1. Clicking on Machine Status on your copier.
  2. Supplies
  3. Print Supplies report.

Second way- VersaLink/AltaLink Copiers

  1. Click the home button or tap the screen.
  2. Click Device.
  3. Click Supplies.
  4. Print Supplies report.

Printing the supplies report will show you the list of supplies you need to have on hand.

When you call to order supplies they will ask you for your Serial Number, what your needing to order, and Xerox will give you a confirmation number. Note: It usually takes 5 – 7 business days. Unless you ask for next day delivery.

Supply Auto Replenishment: Does Xerox automatically send supplies?

Xerox Auto Replenish Number- 1-800-599-2198 opt. 1

  1. You will need to have your Serial number of your copier.
  2. You will need to have a list of all your supplies you have on hand.
  3. They will then make sure you are setup on auto replenish.

This means they will monitor and send your supplies.

How do I change the copier printer preferences?

You can set printer preferences, such as being able to print in color or black and white, print in draft quality (which uses less ink) or high quality (which produces a darker, crisper image), and more. Fortunately, you can modify these settings once for all documents you print.

  1. Choose Start→Devices and Printers (in the Hardware and Sound group).

    In the resulting Devices and Printers window, any printers you have installed are listed.
  2. Right-click a printer and then choose Printing Preferences.

    The Printing Preferences dialog box appears. The settings in the Printing Preferences dialog box may differ slightly depending on your printer model; color printers offer different options from black and white printers, for example.
  3. Click any of the tabs to display various settings, such as Color.

    Note that different printers may display different choices and different tabs in this dialog box, but common settings include:
    • Color/Grayscale: If you have a color printer, you have the option of printing in color. The grayscale option uses only black ink.
    • Quality: You can print in fast or draft quality (these settings may have different names depending on your manufacturer) to save ink, or you can print in a higher or best quality for your finished documents. Some printers offer a dpi setting for quality — the higher the dpi setting, the better the quality.
    • Paper Source: If you have a printer with more than one paper tray, you can select which tray to use for printing. For example, you may have 8½-x-11-inch paper (letter sized) in one tray and 8½-x-14-inch paper (legal sized) in another.
    • Paper Size: Choose the size of paper or envelope you’re printing to. In many cases, this option displays a preview that shows you which way to insert the paper. A preview is especially handy if you’re printing to envelopes and need help figuring out how to insert them in your printer.
  4. Click the OK button to close the dialog box and save settings and then click the Close button to close other open Control Panel windows.

    Whatever settings you make using the procedure in this task are your default settings for all printing you do. However, when you’re printing a document from within a program such as Works word processor, the Print dialog box you display gives you the opportunity to change the printer settings for that document only.

How do I add an app and change default settings?

Tip: In order to use the Xerox App Gallery App, the following requirements must be met:

MFPs/Printers require a network connection.

  • ConnectKey Apps require communication between the MFP/Printer and the internet. For installations that require a proxy to connect to the internet, refer to your device Administration Guide for instructions for proxy configuration.
  • If the MFP/Printer is used with a solution that is hosted by a local server (inside a firewall) and a proxy is enabled, a proxy exception must be set atthe MFP/Printerto cover each ofthe solutions.

Examples include: Xerox ® Mobile Print Solution, Xerox ® Printsafe Software, Nuance AutoStore ® , Xerox ® Scan to PC Desktop, Nuance® eCopy® ShareScan® , and Equitrac® .

MFPs and Printers must have the following Xerox Extensible Interface Platform® (EIP) version installed:

  • ConnectKey 2.0 and 2.0i devices: 3.5 or higher
  • VersaLink: 3.7 or higher
  • AltaLink: 4.0 or higher

There are two methods to obtain the Xerox App Gallery App:

The Xerox App Gallery App is preinstalled on the MFP/Printer:

Note By default, the Xerox App Gallery App is preinstalled and available on all MFPs/Printers that are loaded with the software for 2016 ConnectKey Technology and on all VersaLink and AltaLink devices.

  • Users do not need to manually download and install it from Xerox App Gallery.
  • By default, the App is ready to use on the MFP/Printer.

Download the Xerox App Gallery App from Xerox App Gallery Web Portal:

Creating an Account Note If you already have an existing Xerox App Gallery Account, go to Logging in to your App Gallery Account.

  1. From the MFP/Printer home screen, select the Xerox App Gallery App icon.
  2. Select the Person/Log In button.
  3. Select “Request an Account” from the App Gallery login / request account window. The Request An Account window displays.
  4. Enter a valid email address.
  5. Select OK. An Account Message displaysstating Thank you for your request. An account email has been sent.
  6. Select Close to return to the App Gallery.
  7. Access your email account for the email address you provided to Xerox App Gallery.
  8. Open the "Xerox App Gallery Account Request" email, and select the URL link for creating an account. The Xerox App Gallery Web Portal opensthe and displays the App Gallery Terms and Conditions.
  9. Review and accept the “Terms of Use.”
  10. Select the Agree button to continue creating an account.
  11. Enter information in the required fields:
    • User ID
    • Password 
    • Confirm Password
    • First and Last Name
    • Company Name
    • Country Email address field is displayed and is pre-populated with the email address entered at the device.
  12. Select OK. After the account is created, you are prompted to login.
  13. Return to the MFP/Printer to log in to your App Gallery Account, and continue to Logging in to your App Gallery Account.

Logging in to your App Gallery Account

  1. From the MFP/Printer home screen select the Xerox App Gallery App icon.
    The App Gallery displays.
  2. Select the person/Log In button.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password.
  4. Select OK.

Installing a new app from Xerox App Gallery App Note

The following procedure assumes that an MFP/Printer Administrator created an App Gallery account and that the account credentials (User Name and Password) were saved.

The saved Admin credentials allow all MFP/Printer users to access the Xerox App Gallery App without having to login with individual account credentials.

For instructions on installing Apps via the Xerox App Gallery Web Portal, refer to the Xerox App Gallery User Guide.

Online Help and Documentation provides a link for downloading the guide.

  1. From the MFP/Printer home screen select the Xerox App Gallery App icon.
  2. Browse the Apps by scrolling up and down.
  3. Select the desired App and then select Install. The License Agreement dialogue displays. If the App was previously installed and a new version is available, the button displays as Update.
  4. Select Agree. The installation process begins. Note If the App does not successfully install, the Install button redisplays; select Install to attempt the installation process again.
  5. Press the Services Home button to exit and close the Xerox App Gallery

Customize App Default Settings

  1. At the control panel, press the Home button.
  2. Touch the App required.
  3. Configure the required default settings.
  4. Touch Save.
  5. Touch Save Defaults. The new settings override the previous default settings

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