Create marketing pieces that cannot be ignored with this Tried-And-True Strategy


By Jennifer Adams

“The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” This phrase has been quoted by several famous individuals such as Alexander Hamilton and Mark Twain, as well as others, but it’s unknown exactly from where it originated. The same can be said for print. Digital marketing is the most popular advertising channel these days, however it doesn’t mean printed marketing materials are obsolete. In fact, print is an addition to your marketing mix that has the potential to grow your ROI by up to 240 percent! Mail-outs, postcards, business cards, brochures, and magazines are still effective ways to drive brand awareness in combination with other media avenues.  Printed marketing materials possess the following qualities that are irreplaceable by other forms of media.

  1. Print is tangible

Unlike digital ads or telemarketing calls, prints are something the customer can see and touch. Unconsciously, qualities such as paperweight and texture play psychological roles in the consumers decision making process. Even if they decide not to make a purchase at that time, there is a chance they will save the material for when they are ready to move forward to the next phase of the buying cycle or pass it along to someone who will make a purchase. Sometimes, when an ad design is artistic and functional, customers will save the material to use, (ex. framing it for their walls, putting a sticker on something they frequently use). You can’t beat that kind of marketing! In a world where website links don’t always last, the printed word has the power to stay.

  1. Reading from paper boosts better attention and retention

Research studies show that people stay on websites for around 15 seconds, glance over the page for bullet points and then leave the website, however, while reading from paper, readers tend to slow down, focus on the message, and remember what they read. When something is read at a slower page, there is a greater chance the reader will better retain the information and better understand your product or service. 

  1. Printed materials pop

What ads grab your attention? The ones you scroll across in your Facebook feed, see on a website you visit, or the brochure you received about a product or place? Printed material is attention grabber that makes the reader pause and pay attention to the message.

  1. Print provides a multisensory experience that evokes an emotional response

Paper quality, color scheme, image quality, font, smell, and packaging psychologically influence a consumer in their decision-making process. When the presentation is visually appealing, it draws attention to the message and makes the brand appear more desirable to your target market. The impression it gives enriches the consumers experience creating an emotional connection and deepening their impression of what they read.

  1. Studies show, brands that offer printed marketing materials are more trustworthy

As a pioneer in the world of advertising, print marketing has built plenty of trust over the years. Brands represented through on paper appear more credible because it is a good indication of authentic and reliability.

  1. Print accommodates a hard-to-reach demographic that doesn’t use social media

Print marketing is a way to reach blind spots unreached by other marketing strategies. Not everyone uses social media which is why digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. Printed marketing materials reach the “uncharted” demographic of your target market who choose to stay off social media.  This helps with adding weight to word-of-mouth recommendations.

  1. Even Millennials respond well to print ads

Despite loving the conveniences of technology, studies show millennials (people born between 1980 and the mid-1990’s) are becoming more likely to consume printed materials than digital. Regardless of age, people enjoy when things with bright colors, bold headlines and glossy, creative images arrive at their door. 

  1. Print has a high response rate

According to a study on the Print Is Big website, every $167 spent on direct mail advertising in 2015 earned an average ROI of $2,095. That’s a 1,255% return!  Grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores still regularly use print advertising to drive sales. There are other studies that demonstrate some marketers can generate over 1,000% return from their print marketing.

  1. You can do it yourself

Should you decide to do so, XETX can help you get started in your print marketing endeavor with a copier built for the job.  Investing in a printer such as the Xerox AltaLink or PrimeLink is a great place to start. Our copiers can print stickers, foldable pamphlets, envelopes, labels for mailing and more.


In combination with other media outlets, print marketing has the potential to grow your business significantly. It offers tangibility, response rate, and attention-grabbing qualities that are difficult to replace. Take your advertising to the next level with a Xerox copier and create impactful marketing pieces to grow your business!

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