Copier Myths Explained and Disproved

Altalink multifunction machine

By Jennifer Adams

There are myths that hold businesses back from upgrading their equipment, from believing “printers only copy and print” to “I cannot afford a larger printer for my office.” You might be surprised how affordable and technologically advanced printers have become and how much value a multifunction copier can bring to your office.

Here are a few common myths about multifunction copiers explained and disproved.

Myth #1: Printers only Print & Copy Documents

Xerox copiers do so much more than copying, scanning, printing, and faxing. Our multifunction equipment can be customized with apps to best suit your needs allowing you to work directly from the copier and save time. The Xerox® App Gallery® offers a wide variety of apps such as Mobile Print, Dropbox, and others specialized for healthcare, education, legal, accounting, and a variety of other industries. There is even an app that translates documents from one language to another. In addition to the app gallery, Xerox offers other time-saving, convenient functions such as a booklet maker, stapler, and hole punch.

Myth #2: Leasing/Purchasing a multifunction copier is more expensive than a desktop unit from the store.

When choosing a new copier for the office, many businesses assume the most cost-effective option for printing is to purchase a small printer at the store and ink cartridges as needed. Depending on print volume, the type of job, and size of operation, it may be in your organization’s best interest to lease a multifunction copier. This saves you money because it is less expensive to pay per print (with supplies included) and lease payment for the use of the machine monthly rather than purchasing expensive ink cartridges on a regular basis. This is why meeting with a consultant prior to purchasing is a good idea. By asking the right questions and assessing your needs, a consultant can advise you on the most cost-effective option.

Myth #3: My business has branches spread throughout the country. A local dealer cannot provide effective service for these machines.

It is possible to lease or purchase equipment for all your locations through the same dealer even if they are spread across several counties or the nation. Should the copier need service, a call would be placed for the Xerox technician closest to your location to come to look at the machine. Supplies can be shipped to you wherever you are.

Myth #4: MFPs are difficult to use.

Our intuitive, tablet-like interface is designed to resemble your smartphone with apps that can be downloaded and arranged to suit your needs. This simple design makes the copier easy to use with little training required.

Myth #5: All brands are the same so I should purchase the least expensive.

All brands are not created equal. Security, Cloud features, and unique apps should be taken into consideration when choosing a copier. Xerox is integrated with Cisco iSE and FedRAMP, two maximum-level security brands, providing the user with the peace of mind that their data is secure. Xerox® Workplace Cloud® provides authentication with print and device management and generates reports that will help you track your usage so you can better manage and control print costs.

Other Xerox distinctives include customer-replaceable drum cartridges which eliminate the need for a service call to replace the drum, developer, charging wires, and cleaning blades. Another distinctive is the Fleet Orchestrator which makes it easier to deploy and manage a fleet of equipment across an enterprise network.

When you choose a local Xerox agency for your print needs, you are doing so much more than buying or leasing a copier. You are partnering with a local company here to help you reach your business goals. By saving money and increasing convenience, you are taking the next step towards your goals. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!


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