The Best Way to Protect Your Privacy While Browsing Online


By Jennifer Adams

One of the most advanced cybersecurity tools on the market is also among the most affordable and is readily available to you!  As you surf the web, even from a secure location, your activity is still vulnerable to being monitored by data collection agencies, advertising agencies, and ultimately, hackers. Another measure businesses can take to stay secure, especially if there are employees working remotely, is using a VPN. A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to browse the internet through an encrypted tunnel so you can conduct your online business without being watched.

          Anytime you visit websites on the internet, your activity can be monitored for advertising purposes, but also by hackers. Once your data is gathered, these groups can use it any way they please, including selling it to other groups who want to know more about your browsing history. This is more common than you might think. According to a Verizon report, 43% of businesses in 86 countries worldwide were targeted for cyberattacks because of information gathered using this method. The more data collected about you and your company, the more vulnerable you become.

          This is where VPN’s come in handy. First, they encrypt to provide end-to-end protection for each device in a company’s network so that hackers, nosy people, or even your own internet provider cannot see your activity or location. With encryption, the data is jumbled so whoever’s looking cannot see what you’re viewing or your general browsing history. The VPN creates a secret tunnel between the device, and the websites you visit. Many businesses have adopted this technology to accommodate employees working remotely and those who bring their own device to work, all of which have increased the need for digital security.  Secondly, when using a VPN, the IP address of the device is protected so those watching cannot see what actions were performed online from that specific internet connection. VPN’s scramble the data differently each time you connect to the internet so your identity cannot easily be identified by anyone following you.

          Just like internet access has become a necessity in business, VPNs are now as well. By adding this additional layer of security, you build trust with your clients by ensuring all information is kept confidential from prying eyes. Not sure where to start? Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our IT experts who will walk you through the process from start to finish.  




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