We keep both users and IT focused on the task at hand with productivity built-in.

Unmatched user productivity

  • Mobile Express Driver and support for AirPrint enables users or guests to print on the go from smartphones or tablets
  • Common user interface for all Connect Key MFPs
  • Single Pass scanner scans both sides of the paper in 1 scan for improved user productivity and device reliability
  • Integrate your MFP with SharePoint
  • Unified Address book integration
  • Remote Control Panel enables real-time training and troubleshooting from anywhere reduces the need for on-site visits
  • Custom Scan-to workflows to get documents where they need to go with ease
  • Save different settings in different applications
  • Access custom user features with login via existing credentials or ID card system
  • Scan to Searchable PDF allows documents to be found on your network or document management platform
  • Video jam clearance and illuminated paper path allows users to get back to work in a timely fashion

Easy support for IT

  • Remote Control Panel allows troubleshooting from anywhere
  • Support requests minimized by Online Support and Embedded Help Videos for users
  • Devices connect wirelessly to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Device cloning
  • Global Print Driver allows you to support just 1 print driver for the entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Common ConnectKey controller used on extensive office product line means less user support needed

Technology has created new ways to work, new places where we can work from, and new challenges in getting that work done. Whatever your business needs, Xerox ConnectKey technology is the productivity toolbox that will unlock your full potential. Cloud-connected, mobile-ready, apps-enabled, and easy to customize, ConnectKey technology will transform your workplace today, while ensuring you’ll stay one step ahead tomorrow.

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